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INSPIRATION! It can come to you from any place, person or an incident!
As I was pretty clue less on what topic to write for the weekend, one of those initial speed bumps of writing a blog I believe, but a conversion between a friend of mine gave me a head start on what topic to write. Lets skip on the details of the conversation, an outline of it is, she asked me, are you depressed? Since I have been skipping on some old friends meet ups, or not that active in texting friends or calling them to know how they are, basically skipping out on the casual socializing norms defined by us. GUILTY! I know. As the conversation started, I was like, Say whaaat??. Laughed at it and haven’t replied to that question yet, but if she follows this blog of mine, she will get an answer, if not, a reply at least! Inspiration, for me, on what to write came from her!

There are two reasons to why I fixated onto writing about it:
* The WHO(World Health Organization), on their annual World health day(7th July) picked up Depression- Let’s talk! as their campaign agenda for the year.
* To spread an iota of what depression actually is!

The definition of depression, as humbly ctrl+C, ctrl+V-ed *wink* from the WHO page, goes like this.
Depression is characterized by sadness, loss of interest or pleasure, feelings of guilt or low self-worth, disturbed sleep or appetite, tiredness, and poor concentration. Sufferers may also have multiple physical complaints with no apparent physical cause. Depression can be long-lasting or recurrent, substantially impairing people’s ability to function at work or school and to cope with daily life.

To put things straight, depression is a state of being which can affect any class of people. We believe that, only the rich or the celebrities get depressed which is a wrong thing to believe. It was a shocker when one of the most loved actor Robbie Williams committed suicide due to depression. Kurt Cobain, the lead at the band Nirvana. Chris Cornell, Chester Bennington, to name a few. Yes, it is pretty easy to find lot many celebrities from the movie industry or the pop culture suffering from depression, the reasons may be many but let’s not generalize the reason for it. Because, we all have our own poisons!

Before we attempt at finding a cure for this ailment, let’s find a few litmus tests to know if we are REALLY depressed. Because, depression does not have a generalized symptoms or a rule book to go by. If you are feeling a bit short on regular sleep  or suddenly, out of routine or you have developed a habit of excess sleep, beyond the normal hours?. Do you succumb to pain easily? Or a common cold gets you restless? Are you feeling emotionally blank? Cannot sense pain, compassion or happiness? These might be a few trigger points to consult a psychiatrist. And let me tell you folks, there is nothing wrong in having to set an appointment with a psychiatrist or a counselor. It is true and let’s accept it, that the society will brand you as a lunatic or call you by names, but it is far better than suffering behind closed rooms and letting this life end by suicide. Because, life is a gift!

It would be very wrong if I say it is very easy to come out of this void called depression. It is a battle fought every day, with victory many miles away but defeat just around the corner. It is like walking on a tight rope, with no one to cheer you up while this act is performed. To start with, find a close circle of friends or family, no matter how small, have a few people with whom you can talk. Because, right now, we have many people who talk, but very less population of listeners. Talk, not to get opinions, just to get it out of your mind, Share, with those who matter, who can be trusted! It is just fine to get the extra help!

This could be a vaguely written, not too technical, not much of a problem solver, write up on a haunting topic of depression. Do not consider yourself to be depressed just because of one bad day. Do not ignore the symptoms because of the fear of what people will think. Kyunki sabse bada rog, kya kahenge log!!   

Remember, it is not mandate for a lonely person to be depressed, also it is not that a happy person cannot be depressed! Just like a Joker at a circus might crack the funniest of acts to make you laugh, but beneath those colors a sad and lonely person might have harbored…

Satish Bapat





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